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Ocean Beauty Skin Essence Oil(sea fennel extract)


Ocean beauty Is 100% natural plant oil. Originated from the plant called crithmum maritmum also known as sea fennel.

Sea fennel extract carries an abundant source of amino acid peptides, which maximize the levels of elastin and keratin in the skin . Significantly softening the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, firms the skin gives a youthful skin. 

sea fennel extract has antioxidant properties and antibacterial properties and is the only ingredient effective on hair, face, body and massage .

  • light and easily absorbed
  • Strong anti aging properties
  • soften skin and moisturize
  • Therapeutic - also perfect for massages
  • Lighten darks spots and even skin tone 
  • firm skin
  • repair damage skin cell



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Must Have

I've truly excited about having this oil a part of regime! It does exactly what it says!!!! Very satisfying results😁

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